EGO guardians


Get Rewarded with
EGO Token and Other Perks

Becoming an EGO Guardian comes with some great perks. Apart from being close with the team and getting the latest news before anyone else, you will also receive many other benefits.
You will be rewarded with EGO native token; rewards scale with your position as a Guardian, Sr. Guardian, Royal Guardian.
Exclusive EGO merch for EGO guardians
For the amazing events that you host, team offers bonus tokens depending on the event’s success.
Private chats with the core team and EGO community, where they discuss the future of EGO product and take feedback
Ambassadors internal meetups/events
The EGO Team is Looking For
Anyone can apply. At EGO Paysenger, team is very selective. To give you a sense of what they are prioritizing when team is looking for great candidates:
Community leaders with a proven history of educating their audiences on blockchain technologies, DeFi, and decentralized products
Enthusiastic community members who have a passion and understand the importance of privacy and how team can apply privacy to various decentralized use cases
Avid Tweeters, Redditors, and other social media users who can help with communicating the value proposition of EGO Paysenger to a broader community
Testers and bug hunters who want to improve the user experience for EGO Paysenger and help find bugs as team develops.
People who believe in the future of EGO Paysenger and how much of a pervasive impact they’ll be making with influencers/famous people model via Paysenger

The leveling of
EGO Guardians

As an EGO Guardian, your responsibility will be first and foremost to the community. Your top priority is to make sure that all of news is broadcasted as far and wide as possible. Also, EGO Paysenger is a growing project, and as part of that growth, please help tell as many people about EGO Paysenger as possible.
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Team has set specific rangs for Ambassadors with unique responsibilities and bonuses:

Squire, Guardian,
Sr. Guardian, RoyalGuardian.
The first cohort of Guardians. During the probation period to be an Guardian, all candidates get Squire Status. The main part of Squire is supporting community EGO with tech issues. Plus to Squire will be activity in bringing all over community from any corner of the world. More invlove, more chance to get a Guardian Rank
EGO supporters who are free to dedicate a time to support EGO development. They are super optimistic in EGO development, are get ready to make an unique events, call more users, spread the world about EGO and have a good vibes about EGO Paysenger.
Sr. Guardian
Sr. Guardian
The rank of super EGO supporters, who have brought more 10 influencers, participated in 5+ EGO events, given a lot of time in creating unique ideas of upcoming contests and currently support EGO community in chats
Royal Guardian
The Leader of State of Regional Ambassadors. Th main early EGO supporter who are involved in EGO development, and get ready to take a lot of stuff, to make our project more producrtive. The key of Royal Guardians is coordination all community processes among of regional group and guardians.
paysenger apostle

Open types
of Guardians

Community is foundation. It’s how EGO Paysenger access the core creativity and energy of the broader EGO family. By engaging and supporting users within online communities, community specialists become a bridge and a helper between projects and users. You’ll grow and expand the EGO community, host and facilitate online activities, provide support to community members, drive and take part in community discussions, and educate other crypto communities about EGO Paysenger.
Content Creation helps get timely official information to users in different languages geographies. Team needs you to create the variety of content that locals love. You need to create original content (written / images / videos) , translate official announcements/articles (Medium, Gitbook), find trend-worthy content to feature on socials, and assist with events, meetups, and AMAs.
Broaden the social reach of EGO Paysenger — create and distribute materials, and videos; and host events to spread the word about EGO Paysenger. EGO Influence Guardian would have to involve as many friends/bloggers/influencers/crypto community as it possible.
Bug Hunter
As a member of the EGO (technical) ambassador program you will be the technical hunters for Paysenger. You have a knack for crafting and forging solutions. You will hunt on Paysenger technical aptitudes/bugs/visual bugs to help Paysenger development
Bug Hunter
Content creator
Do you have an idea for the project of tomorrow? Do you believe you can be the next killer project on App Store or Play Store? Paysenger is here to help. Get exclusive opportunity to have the Paysenger team to assist in developing and publishing your idea.
Content creator
Do you have strong relations with influencers and bloggers in crypto space and not only? Are you ready to develop Paysenger with hunting new supporters in social media? You are in the right place - Build a strong network with influencers, KOLs, bloggers, vloggers, and publications. Amplify Paysenger's message on social media platforms.
Content creator
If an ambassador fails to display enthusiasm and activeness in the development of EGO-Paysenger and its products, he/she will be assigned a Veteran status after getting reviewed by the EGO team and existing ambassadors.
Translations/localization EGO content/blog posts/documentation - сreate use case guides and tutorials in different languages;
Keep the EGO
community active;
Write blog posts and articles
about the EGO-Paysenger Platform;
Perform moderation
on EGO's social media
Create videos showcasing
the EGO-Paysenger platform;
Contact KOLs, YouTubers, and Twitter influencers with the purpose to promote the EGO platform
Design creatives, including
graphics presentations,
and memes;
Hunt for bugs
!This is by no means an exclusive list of responsibilities; a Guardian's responsibilities may extend beyond the aforementioned requirements. If you have special talents and other ideas to contribute as an EGO Guardian, please let us know in your application.
Bug Huanter
Bug Huanter

Social Media

If you are an influencer:
Promote EGO-Paysenger on
various social media channels;
Retweet and repost EGO
Paysenger news and updates;
Invite your friends to
Create a profile on the Paysenger
app and make your first post;
Get rewards
The Selection

The EGO Team will be very selective when picking Guardians. The team anticipates many applications, so we cannot respond to everyone, but we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

Once interviews are completed, Guardians will be picked on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first cohort will go through a two-week probation period as Squires, where they will be allowed to demonstrate their enthusiasm before becoming a Guardian. Once a Squire passes the two-week probation period, the team and current Guardians will officially induct them as an EGO Guardian.